COVID-19 Precautions after 19th July 2021

Hand sanitiser and sign asking to please use it at entrace

We are posting this information because we have had so many people ask us what our future plans are.


Even though lockdown restrictions are easing, we are maintaining our safety procedures. We are a healthcare provider regulated by the NHS and we need to continue to keep everyone safe. This will make visiting our practice a much more pleasant experience and will give you peace of mind.


We will continue to operate by appointment only, so we can plan for and control how many people are in the practice at once, to ensure that your visit is relaxed, with time to ask questions and hear explanations.


We request that our patients continue to wear a mask in the practice. Our Optometrists will continue to wear high quality FFP2 respirators and all other staff will continue wearing masks when they are near a patient.


Please see here for more information on the steps we are taking to keep you safe.