Thanuja 14We are proud to say we recently began working with Visionspring, an organisation that works in developing countries throughout the work. They believe that an active market (where glasses are being sold and a small profit is being earned by a distributor) provides the best likelihood of a lasting vision solution in the community.

visionspring provide affordable, durable glasses that will enable those workers with poor vision to see better and work more productively, increasing their income and standard of living. Children with corrected vision problems are able to learn faster and in turn become more able to support themselves and their families as they get older. Extensive studies and research have shown that working in this way achieves a greater economic impact on the country.

Dr Thanuja Paniker is working in Botswana to take eye care and glasses to those communities that have little or no eye care. Our donation has provided glasses for Dr Paniker to distribute here and enable those who need them to become more able to support and provide for their families and build a better life.

Take a look at their website to find out more about Visionspring and how they make a real difference


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