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Clip on sunglasses are convenient and cost-saving

What are clip on sunglasses?

Clip on sunglasses, as their name implies, are regular prescription glasses with a magnetic lens attachment that turns them into sunglasses. The lenses come in many different colours. The magnetic sunglasses attachment fits over the glasses perfectly so you can’t tell it’s an attachment.

All of our practices stock Charles Stone New York and many also stock Eco Eyewear. Both brands offer these magnetic attachments. These are fashionable glasses and a far cry from how clip on sunglasses used to look.

Scroll down to see our video showing how they work.

Charles Stone New York clip on sunglasses

Charles Stone New York gives you glasses with a clip on polarised sunglass lens. This transforms your prescription glasses into sunglasses with the use of strong and discreet magnets. Charles Stone New York glasses are lightweight and flexible and the polarised lenses provide protection from harmful UV glare, so your eyes don’t suffer from visual fatigue. Polarised lenses enhance contrast so that objects have more clarity and definition.

Eco Eyewear clip on sunglasses

Eco Eyewear is an eyewear brand with social responsibility and sustainability as its primary commitments. 

They make fashionable glasses that come with a magnetic clip-on, turning the frame into polarised sunglasses.

Eco Eyewear is made from 63% plant-based materials, and they plant a tree for each frame you buy under their ‘One Frame One Tree’ campaign alongside Trees for the Future. Eco Eyewear have planted over 2 million trees to date.


Clip on sunglasses
Clip-on sunglasses

Video demonstrating how magnetic clip on sunglasses work