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VDU and Corporate Eye Tests

What is VDU?

VDU stands for Visual Display Unit. A VDU encompasses all equipment with a graphic or alphanumeric display screen. Examples of VDUs include PCs, laptops, tablets, touch screens and other similar devices. Sometimes VDU is referred to as DSE – Display Screen Equipment. The terms are interchangeable.

What is a VDU Assessment?

A VDU assessment can also be called a work station assessment. Anyone who uses a computer or similar device at work should have one. The VDU assessment identifies issues that could arise from using equipment at work in a way that could cause harm or pain. The assessment covers posture, your chair, your screen, keyboard, mouse, software, furniture and work environment.

The Health an Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 require employers to carry out a risk assessment of a work station for each person who uses VDU as part of their work for continuous periods (more than an hour continuous use per day).

VDU Assessment Corporate Eye Tests - man sitting at computer rubbing his eyes

As part of this assessment, employers are required to provide free eye examinations for users on request. If glasses are needed specifically for VDU work, the employer should pay for a basic model for use with a VDU. Employers are not required to pay for ordinary glasses that are for general use. However, you can upgrade to a better frame, but will have to pay the difference in cost.

Corporate Eye Tests

If you are interested in organising corporate eye tests for your company, please contact our Head Office on 01502 217 161.