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Eyewear Trends 2024

Eyewear trends are constantly evolving. Here are the top 10 trends we are seeing in 2024.

1. Geometric Frames

Big trend continues in 2024, seen everywhere. Hexagon shapes are most popular, adding interest to your face.

2. Colour Gradient Frames

Adds defition to your brows but doesn’t weigh down your face so you can choose a bigger frame.

3. Retro

Anything 70s-inspired: cat-eye, aviator and oversized butterfly shapes.

4. Gradient Tint

A darker tint on top that fades to a lighter tint on the bottom. A cool look that also protects your eyes.

5. Tortoiseshell

The new black.
Tortoiseshell is timeless and goes with everything. A flattering look without being too overpowering.


Bold is back. Did it ever really go away?

7. Wraparound

Following the athleisure trend, wraparound styles are big.

8. Oversized

Not just for sunglasses anymore. Always sophisticated. Go big!

9. Transparent

Huge trend in 2023, continues into 2024 and looks here to stay. These unisex frames match just about everything. Easy to go bold.

10. More Colour

Biggest trend of 2024, we all want the dopamine hit of feeling (and looking) good!