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Kirk&Kirk eyewear

We are so excited to announce that we are now stockists for Kirk&Kirk eyewear in our London Muswell Hill practice.

We have long admired this truly unique & independent brand. There’s been a big increase in patients wanting to wear more colourful glasses, so we thought this would be a perfect fit!

Kirk&Kirk believe their glasses are not just accessories, but wearable works of art. We completely agree!
Woman wearing striking yellow orange cat eye pair of glasses from Kirk&Kirk

Who are Kirk&Kirk?

Jason & Karen Kirk are the husband and wife duo behind the brand. Karen, with a background in graphic design, is the Creative Director, designing all the eyewear. Jason worked in sales and marketing for L’Oreal before finding optical inspiration from a cache of vintage glasses in his father’s opticians’ practice. This sparked his vision for Kirk&Kirk (see below for more about this).

He believes deeply in the potential that eyewear has to help other people express themselves more boldly

The partnership works well with the combination of Karen’s creative skills and Jason’s optical experience, combining to form a potent mix.
Karen & Jason Kirk

Kirk&Kirk frames are handmade

How are Kirk&Kirk frames made?

The materials come in sheet form and are custom-made in Italy. These personalised colour selections and combinations are one of the reasons that Kirk & Kirk eyewear is so distinctive. This material allows them to truly represent those who wear Kirk & Kirk frames: the individuals, the creatives, anyone who wants a special object to truly reflect the many dimensions of who they are.

Acrylic is a material that allows for its own unique colour palette. These colours are specific to Kirk & Kirk frames and cannot be duplicated. To maintain the high quality and specificity of the frames and designs, each frame is handmade from start to finish in France, known for its production of high quality eyewear. Each frame gets turned in barrels of woodchip and pumice for about two days, from where it is hand-polished to remove any remaining blemishes and create the vitreous, translucent glow that only Kirk & Kirk unique acrylic possesses.

By keeping the production in one factory from start to finish, they can control the quality, checking it four times during the production process and then again before being printed with the logo, the ultimate seal of approval.

Once formed into eyewear, each frame individually constructed and inspected, the frames then find their way to the world.

Jason's story

My Grandfather and his brother stumbled into optics over a hundred years ago when they discovered a dilapidated sewing machine and, looking for a way to make a living after the War, turned it into a lens cutter. Before long, they were making eyewear around the world.

My Dad, Neville, and his generation were all opticians but I was not in the least bit interested until, quite by chance, I found a box of beautiful 50s & 60s frames that my grandfather had designed. They were so cool and unlike anything on the market. That was 1992 and over thirty years later we are still loving every day!

I grew up, like most people, thinking that glasses were simply to correct your vision. When I realised that eyewear can express your personality, enhance your image and say so much more about you than any other item in your wardrobe, our mission began…

Karen & Jason Kirk

The right frames empower you. They can change the way that people see you and the way that you express yourself.

Ultimately, people want to be assured of style and quality and something just a little bit different that reflects who they are.

There's a frame for everyone

Who else are fans of Kirk&Kirk?

Kirk&Kirk have a wide following including many A-listers.

Robert Downey Jnr
Robert Downey Jnr
Jim Parsons (actor)
Nicholas Pinnock (actor)
Jason Bell (NFL football player)

Observatory loves Kirk&Kirk

We love Kirk&Kirk at Observatory! See below Practice Manager Greg wearing Horace in Royal; Managing Director Jonathan, with Jason, wearing Thor in Secret and Head of Marketing Catherine wearing Zara in Jungle (photobomb by Jason!)

If you think these Kirk&Kirk frames might be for you, give us a call to come in and try some on.



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